Saltshine Creative arrived from the merging of two unique career skillsets that work to accomplish a new set goal: elevate brands with unwavering creativity and style.
— Stephen + Alexa, Master creatives

Alexa Pence

“I used to be the magazine girl, until the world changed.” - @lexpence

Alexa entered the magazine arena in 2011 first as an intern for NFocus Louisville Magazine, a monthly printed society and fashion magazine. She graduated from intern to staff photographer/writer in 2012 and then rose to Associate Editor in 2015. In addition, Alexa took on the entrepreneurial role in 2012 when she created and ran a printed magazine, Aberrance Quarterly that bridged fashion and feminism made by and for teenage girls. In the matter of one year, the magazine staff grew from 12 to over 50 and spanned across six states before it retired in 2014. After NFocus Magazine folded in 2016, Alexa worked as a Fashion Editor for The Voice Tribune Weekly. During this time, she took on her first marketing client, a designer boutique out of Louisville. In 2018 Alexa ditched her role in magazine, relocated to Maui, and stepped into the social media sphere.


Stephen Lloyd

“I think style is as essential as functionality—both are my expertise.”

In Spring of 2014, Stephen was a featured billboard model for American Eagle Outfitters. It was during this campaign that Stephen accumulated a substantial social media following which he then used as a platform to blog about fashion, lifestyle, and travel. After his platform took off, he established a blog, In no time, he was writing and shooting sponsored posts for men's fashion + lifestyle brands such as Timex Watches, HIM products, Method Mens products and more. In addition to creating his own content, he wrote guest pieces for a New York City fashion blog, The Preston Report. He now resides in Makawao, Maui and works full-time developing the most effective marketing strategies for Saltshine Creative.